Per Vitam. Vitality. Health. Longevity. Strength. This is our focus. This is our mission.

Per Vitam stands for advancement, cutting-edge science, and improved quality of living. We want to help you feel better, look better, and live longer.

The science of longevity and health is complex. Our aim is to analyze and filter the latest scientific advancements, providing you with the products you want. Products that work and fortify your goals. Ingredients that bolster your efforts to slow the aging process, both physically and mentally.

The Per Vitam Difference

Per Vitam is forging a new direction in the health and nutrition industry. Our effective, scientifically-structured products are based on the latest advancements in research. Per Vitam provides a clean, natural, life-enhancing line designed to improve not only your health but also your quality of living.

You are seeking improved health and longevity. We provide the opportunity.

Each day, you work on bettering your life. Exercise. Proper nutrition. Sleep. Stress relief. Brain health. You take a very proactive approach, striving to maintain the good health you have.

Per Vitam is designed specifically for you in mind.

Vegan-friendly. No additives. No preservatives. No crazy colorings. Just clean, natural, scientifically-formulated health and longevity products that meet label claims.

You aren't seeking hype or marketing. You're seeking quality health solutions. This is Per Vitam.

Per Vitam Product Development

Research Review - While other companies are simply packaging the same pills and powders as their competition, Per Vitam is striving to forge a new path. The first step in product development involves a review of the latest valid and important scientific research, looking for cutting-edge compounds, ingredients, and formulations that provide solutions.

Yes, solutions. Once we locate a promising ingredient or compound, all available literature is reviewed. These substances that show overwhelming promise are explored in greater detail. The others are tossed aside, and will never see their way into a Per Vitam product. 

We, at Per Vitam, are not interested in selling the sizzle. We provide health and longevity solutions. Our desire is to help you live better, and our products - and the research behind them - align with this mission.

Preformulation - When an individual ingredient or compound shows promise, Per Vitam explores product development options.

Would this ingredient work well in concert with other available compounds, to heighten the impact of the desired effect? Would this compound work best as a stand-alone, providing a cost-effective solution without redundancy of ingredients?

Per Vitam dives into formulation options, looking to maximize a product's impact without filling it full of unnecessary or redundant compounds. 

Beta Development - This is the initial stage of development. Products are formulated and analyzed for quality and taste, if applicable. If something isn't right, adjustments are made. This developmental process is continued until a product exceeds initial standards and expectations.

Per Vitamin works hard to deliver products that are not only healthy and safe but also ones that you look forward to using. 

Release - Per Vitam launches a new and exciting product designed to assist your proactive efforts to promote longevity and health. You are assured of purity, quality, and an all-natural approach that embodies everything healthy living should be about.